In todays changing economy situation, every company and especially start up companies are trying to reduce expenses without compromising the ability to penetrate the target market.

The phase of Market research, Positioning, Lead generation and qualification, beta testing, First sales, customer support, beta sites are absorbing big part of the initial budget with a high risk in recruiting expensive people that are doing this job.

This is where MSIS comes into the picture

We are offering our customers a professional and excellent service tailored to your needs. Instead of recruiting people for long period, you rent a service, doing the same activity, with high flexibility but limited to a period, results, etc.

We are professionals with long background in the Israeli Hi-Tech Industry,
Ex - Elbit people and others, with long list of achievements in the European market, working for Elbit and its subsidiaries as well as for other Startup companies.
Main Sectors

  • Import products from China to Europe (EU+CH).
  • Contract manufacturing in China - Renewable Energy (Solar), Medical devices.
  • Mobile, Telecommunication.
  • Handset testing and certification.
  • Service Monitoring.
  • CRM and business decision systems.
  • SDP Systems to Mobile operatores.
  • Gaming platforms to Mobile operators.

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